Parish Clerk Councillor Councillor
Gill Brooks Becky Longworth (Chair) Cheryl Wrench (Vice Chair)
8 Solent Way The Coppice Mullbery Cottage
Thornbury Stow Hill Road Baden Hill
Bristol BS35 2XD Tytherington Tytherington
W-U-E GL12 8UH W-U-E GL12 8PY
Tel: 01454 416637 Tel: 07787445155 Tel: 01454 412322

Councillor Councillor Councillor
Chris Castell Graham Seve Neil Emmerson
Little Scratch 7 Hopkins Close 7 The Orchard
Itchington Thornbury Tytherington
Alveston Bristol BS35 5TQ GL12 8UX
Tel: 01454 411257 Tel: 07740926200

Ward Councillor Marian Lewis

MP: Luke HallĀ

Please email the Clerk at or complete the contact form.

Please note that the clerks hours are flexible to suit the needs of the parish council.

The clerk is not a full time employee however we normally aim to provide a response within 24 hours of being received. If a response is not provided straight away all messages/ emails will be followed up as soon as possible.