Parish Clerk Councillor Councillor
Gill Brooks Becky Longworth (Chair) Cheryl Wrench (Vice Chair)
8 Solent Way The Coppice Mullbery Cottage
Thornbury Stow Hill Road Baden Hill
Bristol BS35 2XD Tytherington Tytherington
W-U-E GL12 8UH W-U-E GL12 8PY
Tel: 01454 416637 Tel: 07787445155 Tel: 01454 412322

Councillor Councillor Councillor
Chris Castell Graham Seve Vacancy
Little Scratch 7 Hopkins Close
Itchington Thornbury
Alveston Bristol BS35 5TQ
Tel: 01454 411257 Tel: 07740926200

Ward Councillor Marian Lewis

MP: Luke Hall

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