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Comments about planning applications should be made separately – View and comment on planning applications online.

Bus Timetables

The Parish Council compiled an Affordable Housing Needs Survey with South Glos Council and this is their findings

Affordable Housing Needs Survey Report Tytherington

Grass Tender 2015 2017

Partial Street Lighting

Thank you for your overwhelming support to reduce night time lighting in the village.
We have been waiting for final details from South Gloucestershire Streetcare and can now confirm that an additional 7 lights will be turned off along Duck Street. Otherwise the plans which were on display in the Shop will apply.

The work to re-programme the lights has been scheduled for the week beginning the 20 February.

The new situation will be monitored and will be reviewed at least annually.
The Parish Council will of course be pleased to receive comments at any time.

Tytherington Parish Council
11 February 2015