Tytherington Countryside

Tytherington Parish contains a number of common areas and open spaces that are highly valued by local people and managed by a dedicated team of volunteers,

Collectiely these sites represent an important part of Tytherington’s heritage, providing a link with past management practices, lifestyles and traditions.  The sites are located within attractive countryside and are publicly accessible, offering the opportunity for quiet recreation and enjoyment.

Tytherington Countryside Group

The Parish Council established the countryside group in the early 1990s to help manage the commons and open spaces of Tytherington.  Volunteer wardens have been appointed to care for each site.  Ecologists and other specialists have ;provided advise on how to manage each site for the benefit of wildlife and enjoyment by local people.


S106 Schedule of Works

The Parish Council have been fortunate to have been awarded £16,000 S106 money to spend on the many countryside areas that Tytherington are responsible for the upkeep of.  The Parish Council were asked to supply a number of ‘Expression of Interest’ forms on how they would like to spend the money.  The forms are available here. We thank Cllr Castell for all his hard work in producing these EOIs.


S106 EOI Form – TPC01 – Itchington Pound
S106 EOI Form – TPC02 – Itchington Pond
S106 EOI Form – TPC03 – Itchington Common
S106 EOI Form – TPC04 – Itchington Triangle
S106 EOI Form – TPC05 – Harrows End
S106 EOI Form – TPC06 – Common Alm
S106 EOI Form – TPC07 – Coronation Gardens
S106 EOI Form – TPC08 – Hardwicke Field
S106 EOI Form – TPC09 – Two Pumps on Duck Street
S106 EOI Form – TPC10 – Tytherington Hill
S106 EOI Form – TPC11 – Badenhill Common
S106 EOI Form – TPC12 – Footpaths and Boards
Copy of Summary of Applications and costs for PC-1

9 Volunteers worked on the Lime Kiln along Baden Hill Road last weekend and this is the beforeIMG_0152se and after photographs

Lime Kiln Before






Tytherington have a Countryside Group which meets twice a year and assisted by John Morris from South Gloucestershire Council who helps the Council to maintain the countryside around Tytherington.

Various Residents give up their time to report on the state of the countryside and if you wish to report on any matters please use the form at the bottome of this page.

Footpath Warden – Sara Newman
Baden Hill Common – Ian McCollam
Common Alm – Graham Pugh
Hardwicke Field – Andrew McCabe
Itchington Common – Richard Norton
Jubilee Field – Kev Taylor
Stidcott Platt – Janice Cornock
Stowell Hill – Simon Pritchard
Tytherington Hill – Sue and Rob Trowell