Hardwicke Field

Hardwicke Field 

Gifted to the village in 1937 by Squire Hardwicke, 1937-08-05 Conveyance of HF to TPC the site is now under the trusteeship of the Parish Council, who is responsible for ensuring its perpetual recreational use Scheme of Goverance.

The steeper, western banks of the playing field are an important wildlife habitat, consisting of limestone grasslands and scrub.  Such grasslands have become increasingly rare and are now a nationally important habitat type.  The priority for managing this site will be to control scrub invasion, which threatens to shade out the grassland.

80 staff from Ovo Energy offices across the country (Bristol, Norwich, Doncaster, … more) supervised by TCV staff from the across the south and west (Bristol, Reading, London, more), got up very early this morning to drive down to Tytherington to work as volunteers on our nature reserve. The Parish Council would like to thank the Hardwicke Field warden Andrew McCabe for organising this event and he was impressed by their enthusiasm and competence.

They choose to prioritise scrub clearance and bench installation ahead of clearing creepers from Tall Herbs 2 and clearing silt from Woodlands Road. I’m happy with this – scrub invasion being the biggest threat to SNCI.

Two oak benches have been installed and look good (with fine views).
More scrub has been cleared from the main area of calcareous grassland (Area A), and the cycle “ski jump” bypassed for pedestrians!
The tall herb area near the pavilion has been cleared of brambles/creepers and is looking very tidy – hopefully the herbs will come back next year or can be re-seeded.
Path 2 (the centre zig-zag) has been recovered from thick scrub.
The former secluded clearing (Area B) has been recovered from thick scrub and is looking very good. A “dead hedge” has been constructed from the arisings.
Saplings have been cleared from the northern rock face and the grassy verge beneath.
Scrub in the grassland above the rock face has been cleared.
The site has been left clean and tidy.

Hardwicke Field Management Plan

Fig 1 – Existing State

Fig 2 – Desired State

Species List