Village Leisure Areas

Tree surveys-Tytherington-Jubilee field-2016
Jubilee Field Lease
Deed 1984
Sally Patterson from South Gloucestershire Council has very kindly done a survey of wild flowers growing on Tytherington Village verges.

Tytherington Wild Flowers

Blooms in May

Tytherington Verges

Tytherington Verges 2

Tytherington Verges 3

Tytherington Verges 4

Tytherington Verges 5

Tytherington Verges 6

Tytherington Parish Councillors are also Trustees for the Hardwicke Field and maintain the Jubilee Field, Coronation Gardens and the Triangle.

The Parish Council have recently designated the following areas as Local Green Spaces

LGSD990 The Green at Southlands – Response

LGSD994 Hardwicke Field – Response

LGSD995 Itchington Common – Response

LGSD992 Jubilee Field and Coronation Garden – Response

LGSD991 Woodlands Allotments – Response

LGSD990 The Green at Southlands – Response

LGSD993 Tytherington Hill (Part) – Response