Paperwork concerning the proposed New Trust in respect of the Hardwicke Field

Form for directors’ details charitable company 1.16
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Trustee eligibility declaration for CC
The Hardwicke Trust Articles Draft v 14 November 2017

Parish Council Meeting Dates for 2018

Monday 30th July
Monday 10th September
Monday 22nd October
Monday 26th November

All parishioners are welcome at meetings and we have a slot between 7.30 and 7.45 when you may address the meeting on subjects that concern you.

Thank you for visiting our website which we hope you find interesting, useful and informative.

Our responsibility as your Parish Council is to represent the interests of all residents of the parish.  Whether this be environmental issues, planning applications, the preservation and improvement of our open spaces, community facilities or recreational matters, we aim to fulfil the needs and represent the views of all members of our community, for their enjoyment as well as that of visitors and, of course, future generations.

In carrying out these responsibilities we work closely with other councils, from Parish to District, as well as with other groups in our parish.

At the heart of our remit is ensuring that our priorities and initiatives reflect the wishes of the electorate.  As such, every monthly meeting is open to residents of the parish and includes an open session for public participation.  Please feel free to attend these meetings if there are issues you wish to raise.  Alternatively you can contact the Clerk or individual councillors, either by telephone or by using the contact page on this web site, with any ideas or concerns relating to the parish.

If there are certain parish issues which are particularly close to your heart, why not register your email address with us to receive automatic updates.