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Police Report May 2018

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The Parish Council have signed up to South Glocuestershire’s latest Town-and-Parish-Council-Charter-2017

Notice of Intent – Temporary Traffic Order – Footpath OTY 18/10 Tytherington – (PT.5944)NI-1


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The Parish Council are pleased to announce that Neil Emmerson has joined the Council.

Latest Police Report (April)
Waste briefing note Issued 11 Jan 2018

622 Bus Timetable

The telephone box has now been refurbished by the Tytherington Roots Group and the Parish Council are very grateful to them for all their hard work. If you have an idea of how the box can now be utilised please let the PC know.






















The Planning Applications for Duck Street and Stowell Road were approved yesterday by South Glos District Committee West.


Register for the Sort It centres

Register now

Anyone who wants to use the Sort It recycling centres must now register their vehicle to access the sites.

You can sign up at any time of year and you only need to do it once, unless you change your address or vehicle. Make sure you register 24 hours before you need to visit a Sort It recycling centre.

You can register up to two vehicles per household. Restricted vehicles registered to a business will not be allowed to register, except where it is a household’s only vehicle and you will need written permission from the business to apply.

There are two types of registration:

Standard vehicle registration for vehicles of any size (up to 3.5 tonnes) that have rear and/or side facing windows including cars of any size, campervans, people carriers etc.

Restricted vehicle registration for:

  • vans of any size without rear facing windows including minibuses, campervans and cars
  • 4×4s, pick up trucks or people carriers (MPV) without rear seats and/or windows or with an open back
  • flat bed vehicles, box vans, horse boxes with integrated cab and agricultural vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes

Restricted vehicles are limited to 12 visits a year and you may need to provide a copy of your V5C certificate when visiting the Sort It Centre. You will be advised if you need to provide this

Plans have been finalised for more identification on the Stowell Road that children are crossing. The past Parish Council initiated this work but the present PC signed the plans off at their meeting on the 30 November.
Plans for Additional Signage

The Parish Council are pleased to announce that they have purchased a defibrillator for use in the Parish.  If anyone needs to use it they should first dial 999 and will be given the code and instructions from the 999 Call Centre.

Joyce with the Lord Lieutenant of South Gloucestershire Janet Trotter

Joyce Vizard has been honoured by the Queen for her services to the community. Joyce helped to open Tytherington Village Shop nearly 17 years ago. Selling a range of items from newspapers to groceries, and doubling as a post office, the shop quickly developed into an enormous asset to the community.

Now in her eighties, Joyce continues to work at the shop, only recently deciding to cut her hours. In the course of the past three years she has only had one morning off.

Though she is pleased to receive the British Empire Medal from the Queen, Joyce said she didn’t believe it would change anything, and only hopes that the store will continue to flourish.

She said: “I feel really honoured but I don’t like to make a fuss. The shop came about when they asked me if I would be able to take care of the newspapers and things, then once we got going we just carried on.

“I made up my mind from the start that it was going to work. Some people said it wouldn’t and I said it will if I have anything to do with it.

“It’s good for the village and something my family can be proud of but I don’t suppose it will make too much of a difference for me. I shall still be here carrying on.”

Liaison Meeting January 2014
The next meeting will be held hopefully this week. Date to be confirmed

Congratulations to the residents of Southlands who have had their application to designate the green in Southlands into a Village Green granted.

The South Glos area is currently suffering from a series of burglaries where the elderly are being targeted.

The method is generally to force a rear door or window and the offences are occurring between 7pm and 11pm in the evening, mostly on week days.

We believe this is because they are not only identifying properties as having elderly occupiers but also because occupants are leaving the light on and the curtains open.

Please circulate and encourage all to ensure that doors and windows are locked and that curtains are drawn. If concerned or observing any suspicious activity, please call the Police on 999.

Our neighbourhood policing teams have moved into a new base in Thornbury. The PCs and PCSOs who patrol the town and surrounding villages now work out of an office in South Gloucestershire Council’s buildings in Castle Street. You can get in touch with your local officers through the website below or by calling 101.
Thornbury Police Station in Rock Street is now closed. It has been sold to developers who have had plans for homes on the site approved.

TYTHERINGTON LOCAL HISTORY GROUP have a brand new, brilliant web site. Take a look on


PT13/2787/F Neathwood, New Road, Tytherington – erection of 9 detached dwellings and garages with new access and associated works
Comments can be made by clicking the link

You may be aware that South Gloucestershire Council are making changes to the way that some of the Highway and Street Scene services are provided and managed as part of the councils Localism Vision. These changes affect: the way grass verges, roundabouts, floral displays, hanging baskets and shrub beds are maintained; the empting of dog bins; the removal of fly posting and the removal of graffiti.
The current Highway and Street Scene services have evolved in an ad hoc manner with current services based on local issues, specific service requests and historical agreements. As a result differing levels of service are received within each parish. These changes would therefore give the parishes greater control over which Highway and Street Scene services they want to receive.
South Gloucestershire Council intend to continue to provide the essential ‘core’ services that ensure the roads, footways, streetlights, traffic signals and roads signs are safe and usable. They intend to maintain the grass on the highway to a ‘highway’ standard e.g. 2 cuts per year, inspect and maintain highway structures, keep the area free of litter, respond to emergencies to ensure the road network keeps moving and carry out winter maintenance services. These services will be called the core service standard and will be delivered throughout South Gloucestershire.
Any additional services that communities wish to receive on top of the core service standard will have to be paid for by either buying back the services from South Gloucestershire Council or paying another contractor.

A 3 year agreement would be drawn up next year and it was thought that the current level of grass cutting would cost an additional £464 and dog bins £688 if the PC retained the present service.

The Parish Council also asks that parishioners to complete the online survey found at:

PT13/2704/RVC – Stable Folly, Stowell Hill Road, Wotton Under Edge – Removal of condition 2 attached to planning permission PT87/2399 to allow occupancy of the dwelling by person not employed in connection with livery stable.
comments can be made by clicking

Tytherington Nursery Planning Application PT13/1974/F Latest News

The Nursery Site application was approved subject to a number of conditions and most significantly that they can agree with the Environment Agency how to deal with both clean and dirty water on the site. The latter has to have a permit for the discharge before they can occupy the site.

A message from Mike Snell, Head of External Affairs for FCC Environment, the company that owns and manages the Tytherington North Face Quarry.

“During the recent hot weather, many young people have trespassed into Tytherington North Face Quarry wanting to swim in the water. Trespassing onto private land is against the law but more importantly, swimming at unsupervised sites like this is very dangerous. In fact, six people in the UK have tragically drowned in non-operational quarries already this summer.

“In order to prevent any accidents, we would like to enlist the support of the community to spread the message, particularly to young people, that swimming in quarries is simply not safe. You can’t see what debris is hidden beneath the surface and, in parts, water can be very deep and, however warm the air temperature is, the water can be very cold which can have an impact on your body. Also, there is the risk of falling from the higher parts of quarry walls. There is some excellent advice on the quarry industry’s Stay Safe website which I would recommend:

“At Tytherington North Face, we have introduced additional perimeter fencing, warning signs and security patrols around the site to prevent further incidences of trespass. In addition, we will continue to work with the police and anyone seen intruding on our site will be photographed and any vehicle details recorded with a view to prosecution.

“Thank you for your support in keeping people safe.”

PT12/2488/F – Neathwood New Road erection of 1 dwellngs – comments can be made by clicking

Tytherington Nursery Planning Application PT13/1974/F Latest News
The above planning application is to be considered by the Development Control (West) Committee at the Council Offices, Castle Street, Thornbury on 1st August 2013, starting at 2.30pm. The committee agenda and reports are available to be viewed from 5 days before the date of the committee, either on-line at, or at our offices.

The Committee meeting is open to members of the public who may speak to the Committee if they wish. There is a set time limit of 5 minutes for objectors and 5 minutes for supporters of each proposal on the agenda. This time must be shared if there is more than one speaker. Further information on this is set out in the Council’s leaflet ‘Speaking at the Development Control Committee’ which provides advice on the procedures. This leaflet is available on-line at, from our offices, or on request (please telephone 01454 868004).
Please make contact with the committee clerk, Paul Johnson (telephone 01454 864425 or email before the meeting if you wish to speak.
If you have any questions regarding this letter, please contact the Customer Services Centre, Tel: 01454 868004.

Council Budget Consultation (2013 to 2014)

South Gloucestershire Council is consulting on its budget and council tax levels for next year (2013/14). Your opinions, views and ideas matter. This is your chance to comment on the council’s priorities, its council tax and proposals to improve services and increase efficiency.


Excluding schools, we spend over £338m million a year. Central Government provides about £104m million in grants towards these costs. In addition we spend about £169 million on our schools and this is fully funded by Government grant. The first pie chart below shows how we currently spend your money, the second one shows where we get our income.

Tytherington Nursery

TRAVELLERS could take over a nursery to the south of Thornbury after a family asked for permission to turn the four-acre site into 14 caravan pitches.

Plans to set up 12 gypsy caravan and two transit pitches at Tytherington Road Nursery have been submitted for approval to South Gloucestershire Council, sparking fears among those living on the edge of the field.

As well as pitches, the 4.04 acre land would also accommodate two toilet blocks, a horticultural shed and six utility or day rooms.

PT13/1974/F If you wish to comment on this applications the link is
more information can be found at
Tytherington Parish Council objects to the planning application on the following grounds:

The site is outside of the Settlement boundary.
The land is not connected to main drainage system, contrary to Government guidance for traveller’s sites.
The development is out of character with surrounding properties
The size of the development is such that it will almost double the population of the local area.
The previous owner had an application for a dwelling and mobile home rejected
The land adjoins a quarry therefore safety of children is an issue
Impact of excess waste water and refuse on surrounding area
Difficulty accessing the site especially when turning right when coming from the Thornbury direction.


Residents of Southlands have applied to Register as a Village Green the land usually known as The Green at Southlands under the Commons Act 2006

The Green Southlands